Panch Patil Team

Panch Patil Team

Paach Patil Team is a team of Water Warriors. It forms the foundation of Mission 500’s work. A person who took responsibility for minimum 5 villages each are called ‘Paach Patil’. This Team is trained for 9 months in Leadership development skills. They conduct meetings and Shivar Pheris in villages and create awareness regarding water conservation, they select Gaon Pramukhs (village level coordinators), who plans and executes the work in coordination with farmers. They also supervise the work during execution.
The paach patil as well as Gao Pramukhs work voluntarily, for transforming peoples life.

These individuals are from various backgrounds, each bringing their unique skills, knowledge, and experiences. Government servants, Doctors, Engineers, Educators, Teachers and Community Leaders all unite under the common theme of Water Conservation
This team of water warriors is on a mission to inspire change, promote sustainable practices, and raise awareness about the critical importance of water conservation.


Our Paach Patil Team

Shrikant D Paygavhane

Assistant Engineer (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation)

Tushar B. Nikam


Shekhar Narayanrao Nimbalkar


Eknath Malatkar


Dr Sandip Rathod

Prashant Gaikwad


Rajendrasing Mansing Patil


Pankaj Balaji Pawar


Dinesh Rajaram Jadhav

Medical Representative

Sushant Bhillare

Jitendra Pandit Pardeshi

Business Owner

Milind Jijabrao Deokar


Kiran Murlidhar Patil


Savita Satyavan Rajput


Arasta Eknath Malatkar

Insurance Advisor

Manohar Dattatraya Deshmukh

Retd. Professor

Sanjay Eknath Pate


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