Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Save, Store, and Share:
Our approach is threefold saving water through efficient usage practices, storing excess water using modern techniques such as cost effective check dams and groundwater recharge, and sharing knowledge to empower communities with actionable insights

Community-Centric Action:
We believe that impactful change begins at the grassroots level. Mission500 engages citizens, local leaders, schools, and organizations in workshops, campaigns, and collaborative initiatives, creating a network of water-conscious advocates

Innovation and Research:
We are committed to identifying and implementing cutting-edge technologies for water conservation. By partnering with research institutions, experts, and innovators, we aim to find novel solutions that address water scarcity challenges.

Policy Advocacy:
Mission500 works closely with policymakers and government bodies to advocate for effective water conservation policies and regulations. Our goal is to drive systemic change that supports sustainable water management practices.

Data-Driven Progress:
We emphasize data collection, analysis, and reporting to track water consumption patterns, project impact, and assess the effectiveness of our strategies. This enables us to adapt and optimize our approach for maximum results

Crisis Response and Preparedness:
Recognizing the urgency of water scarcity during droughts, Mission500 is dedicated to developing emergency response plans and resources that help communities manage and navigate challenging times

Inspiring Recognition:
We celebrate individuals, organizations, and communities that demonstrate exceptional commitment to water conservation. Through awards, public acknowledgment, and storytelling, we inspire others to join our movement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the way in water conservation by implementing the Mission500 strategy

Icon for Our Vision

Our Vision

We envision a Maharashtra where every drop of water is valued Where communities thrive without the fear of water scarcity.

We aspire to transform the state into a model of water sustainabilityy, showcasing the potential of collective action and responsible water stewardship.

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Our Goals

Create a water reservoir of 500 Crore liters in each Tehsil of Maharashtra

Raise under ground water level up to 10 feet, from the surface

Rejuvenate Rivers,Nallas in rural areas to make flow perennial.

Ensure availability of water for both Kharif and rabi crops

Ensure ecological balance.

Works Undertaken by Mission 500

Deepening of Stormwater Drainaige and Desilting of rivers

Soak Pits

Farm Roads

Our Team

At the heart of Mission 500 are the individuals from various backgrounds, each bringing their unique skills, knowledge, and experiences. Government servants, Doctors, Engineers, Educators and Community Leaders all unite under the common theme of Water Conservation Paach Patil team forms the foundation of Mission 500’s work. People who took responsibility for 5 villages each are called ‘Paach Patil’. Team is trained for 9 months in Leadership development skills. They conduct meetings and Shivar Pheris in villages and create awareness regarding water conservation, they select Gaon Pramukhs (village level coordinators), who plans and executes the work in coordination with farmers. They also supervise the work during execution. The paach patil as well as Gao Pramukhs work voluntarily, for transforming peoples life.

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Our Team

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