Our Journey

Our Journey
Conception 2017

This concept of water conservation and watershed development through peoples participation started in the year 2017 in Dhamangaon Village. Awareness campaign was under taken to create awareness among the farmers.

Execution 2018

The project was implemented in 2018. 14 crore liter surface water reservoir was created in the first year itself.

Pilot 2019

This project was tested in 6 more villages in 2019 to see whether farmers can come together for this work in a couple of village meetings. Farmers responded well and a reservoir of 11 crore liters was created.

Leadership 2020

Expansion of this project to further villages requires trained leadership. 14 people were trained in 2020 for 9 months on the lines of the 'Landmark forum’ which is a personal development program. These trained leaders took responsibility for 5 villages each, therefore they are called 'Paach Patil'. They work without any remuneration. Work was expanded to 14 villages and a reservoir of 27 crore liters was created.

Expansion 2021-22

In 2021 and 2022, this model replicated in 85 villages in 7 districts and created a Total storage capacity of 205 Crore liters. Chalisgaon city was flooded 8 times in monsoon of 2021, hence Mission Titur River cleaning was started in collaboration with NGO/CSR Fund and people's participation. 1500 dumper silt was removed from the 7 KM stretch of the river in the city.

Replication 2023

In 2023 the project was replicated in 62 villages 12 districts of Maharashtra and creating a the storage capacity of 337 Crore liters. Number of NGOs supporting this project has expanded.

Participate in this Water Revolution

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