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Jawali taluka of Satara district is located within the high mountain ranges of Mahabaleshwar Hills of the Western Ghats. Geology of this region compromises of basaltic rock, which is impermeable. The

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Jawali taluka of Satara district is located within the high mountain ranges of Mahabaleshwar Hills of the Western Ghats. Geology of this region compromises of basaltic rock, which is impermeable. The average annual rainfall for Satara district is 1277 mm. It is found that high rainfall recorded in Mahabaleshwar tahsil 5389.86 mm, Patan 1631.16mm, and Jawali 1595.70 mm.

Though the area receives a very high rainfall, its dry and water deficit in the summer. The open wells and the tube wells are almost dry in the summers. Due to steep slopes and mountains here are very few water storage structures. The rain water flows down the hill in the valleys and ultimately meets the Koyna river, leaving water deficiency in the areas located at high altitude. Inspite of very High rainfall this region suffers with a drought like situation in the summers. There is no water for agriculture purpose as well as for drinking purpose. This ultimately has affected the agriculture production as well as the number of man days in agriculture sector. Because of which huge migration is observed in this area towards the urban places of Pune and Mumbai. Hence there was an urgent need to stop the flow of the rain water, store it in storage tanks and allow its percolation in ground so that water level in the wells is maintained.

In order to address this issue it was necessary to carry out water conservation and water harvesting work. Mission 500 alongwith Rotary Club of Chembur, and peoples participation has carried out water conservation work in 5 villages of Jawali taluka of Satara district. These are – Mahte, Dongaregharh, Mohat, Kedambe, Asani,. The rent of earth moving machinaries like – JCB and Poclain was provided by Mission and Rotary Club and the people contributed towards the diesel expences. They also provided shelter and food to the driver and operator of these machines. People also took the responsibility of carrying out the work day and night. Few people from the village took this responsibility, who are called as गावप्रमुख. Meetings and Prabhat feries (प्रभातफे री) were conducted to create awareness of water conservation and for appealing people to contribute for this noble cause. 7 storage tanks/percolation tanks are constructed in these villages which brought a big relief to the villagers. For appreciating the work done by the villagers the entire team of mission 500 visited these villages and appreciated the work done by the villagers.

Sushant Bhillare, Pacch Patil of Mission 500, who also hails from the same region took the responsibility for supervision and guidance. He stays in Navi Mumbai and travelled on every Saturday and Sunday to Jawali for conducting meetings and for supervising the work being carried out at the top of the hills.

Ms Usha Umbarkar, from Dangreghar says, “We are unable to cultivate any other crop then rice, our youths have migrated to Mumbai in search of Job, hence the villages have more population of senior citizens. Because of storage of water we will be able to cultivate number of crops and this will bring prosperity to our villages and our youth’s who have migrated will come back to our village. With help of Mission 500 we constructed farm ponds.”

Mr Amol Angre says, “In association with Mission 500 and Rotary Club of Chembur we constructed 3 shet tale/farm ponds on top of the hills in our village. Due to this we were able to intercept the flowing water, store it. This increased the water level in open wells and bore wells. For this work we used Poclain machine for 20 days with 285 hrs. The diesel expenses were borne by villagers and rent expenses by NGO. We carried out work day and night. For collecting funds and brining awareness among the people we conducted 10-12 meetings with villagers. Some meetings were held with our people residing in Mumbai, who also supported us. We also constructed Shivar roads/Farm roads. We carried diesel cans on our head for the poclain machines. We are satisfied after this work and we are have ample water in summers also.”

Mr Dalvi, who is retired teacher, who contributed his pension amount for constructing farm pond in his Mhate Khurd village says, “We brought awareness of water conservation through Kirtan. Since my childhood I always had a dream that my village should have a farm pond. We were trying for constructing farm pond from many years but our efforts always went in vain. But because of Mission 500 we were able to do this work. It was a difficult task, as the ponds were to be constructed on hill top. We took help of our youth, who carried diesel on their head. We constructed 7 shet tale / farm ponds in our village. Each pond has capacity of 60 Lacs. People also contributed for mulching paper and the compound for the pond. This increased percolation in ground and the wells now have water in summers. The water springs have rejuvenated in the area. We also started planting trees. The bio diversity / eco system is transforming after this work. We will expand this peoples work in other villages of Jawali Taluka”

We also visited gharewadi in karad for taking the guidance from Shri Indrajeet Deshmukh of shivam pratishthan. 47 People from Mission’s family were traveling together for last 6 days to make a difference in this world.


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